jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Delicious Lunch

    Hi, one big hug for all, today i am going to talk about my dinner the other day. I was alone in my house and i thought make my lunch, but no ordinary lunch, i searched in the internet a chicken recipe, and found one interesting recipe of mustard chicken. But as i always improvise,  i added a  touch of soy sauce and sesame seed
The recipe showed that sauce of mustard contained olive oil, pepper, salt and vinegar. As the chicken is cooked in the oven for twenty minutes. when you finish cooking chicken for twenty minutes is added the mustard sauce  whit soy sauce and sesame seed for twenty minutes more.
i was dead of hungry and waiting for my delicious "Nicola´s Chicken". i ordered the table and wait the last five minutes. when the chicken was ready i took it with happiness and put on the plate.
But it was big surprise when i taste the chicken, this was disgusting, Finally i decided to eat in silent and go to sleep.

This is my history in the kitchen, I hope i can cook better...If anyone wants the recipe, this is: Mustard Chicken 

jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

My little love

Hi my dear fans, this time i will speak about my little dog, his name is Hugo. This name in honor to the big president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez. Hugo is 3 months old but it is very big and strong. My little dog is a mixture of a mother Zhitz-Zu and the Father Yorkshire, this resulted in a very beautiful and playful doggy. From the first time i saw him, i fell in love for him he stole my heart. We play in the yard to pull the rope and ball game. All in my family love the dog but i am the one who educates. My dog knows to sit when it ordered and also give the paw, is a educated dog and very noble animal.

For me is a little lion because he has a grate mane and is a very territorial dog, one day my brother brought his dog to my house, his dog is a mini hot-dog, and Hugo bit his hear to until it began to bleed. 
To end i want to tell everyone that caring and respect all animals because they are alive and feel like us.

                             LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU.                                                                      

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

My lunch today

    hi, this time i`m going to speak about world hunger, this is very important topic because i´m hungry most of the day and i have a refrigrerator, imagine the children without nothing to eat. These children from poor contries, because of them i`m studying public administration, to give back to my country all i have and so to give those who are not so lucky.
 As i feel lucky  to get home and have a hot meal. this is a worldwide problem that will not find a solution until the rich look at the poor face to face and recognize each other as equal. Only then we will be able to begin working together to have a better tomorrow where we all are truly equal.
           to conclude i must say the bic mac i just ate was amazing...ok it´s a joke, i hope i have helped you to think a little different about a theme as ordniary as it is food. kisses and hugs for all ,bye. 

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Villa legend Love

The most brillant concert in the life is a villa cariño's concert. this was done in La Florida by the 18 the september, i was in first row becaus i live in La florida. i like this band becaus i love the cumbia and Villa Cariño pure plays cumbia. in this concert i cried a lot and danced a lot more. at a time of the concert i say hello to Max Vivar, he is the vocalist of the band, and he shook my hand. Villa cariño is a band of cumbia, is a young band, but very good and professional. this band has two disc and are working on the third. here one of the new songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWj_xHo-Fx8.
the theme of the songs are from love to politics, a band being aware of political events.
100% advisable. 

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

My autobiography

Hi my name is nicolas but my friends call me "nico", i was born on 26th december, 1991. since i was 19 study in Universidad de  Chile, i am a very beautiful men and i have very athletic body.
my friends are very dumber but i love equal. with them i play  in "italo nolli" soccer club. this team win all the match. Today play in the selecction of my carreer. i don`t have animals but i like them. in my huse live my mather, my father and my sister, my other brother live whit his girlfriend in cuncuvinato. my favorite soccer team is audax italiano, they is wearing a dreen shirt and play that local in "municipal de la florida" stadium. my favorite food is the italian food, my mather make a very delicious lasagna, that i eat very fast. 
i training in the gym of JGM whit luis and chiki, in this gym i fortify my body to play soccer whit more force. 
this is all of me, good bye and bless for all.