jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

My little love

Hi my dear fans, this time i will speak about my little dog, his name is Hugo. This name in honor to the big president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez. Hugo is 3 months old but it is very big and strong. My little dog is a mixture of a mother Zhitz-Zu and the Father Yorkshire, this resulted in a very beautiful and playful doggy. From the first time i saw him, i fell in love for him he stole my heart. We play in the yard to pull the rope and ball game. All in my family love the dog but i am the one who educates. My dog knows to sit when it ordered and also give the paw, is a educated dog and very noble animal.

For me is a little lion because he has a grate mane and is a very territorial dog, one day my brother brought his dog to my house, his dog is a mini hot-dog, and Hugo bit his hear to until it began to bleed. 
To end i want to tell everyone that caring and respect all animals because they are alive and feel like us.

                             LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU.                                                                      

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

My lunch today

    hi, this time i`m going to speak about world hunger, this is very important topic because i´m hungry most of the day and i have a refrigrerator, imagine the children without nothing to eat. These children from poor contries, because of them i`m studying public administration, to give back to my country all i have and so to give those who are not so lucky.
 As i feel lucky  to get home and have a hot meal. this is a worldwide problem that will not find a solution until the rich look at the poor face to face and recognize each other as equal. Only then we will be able to begin working together to have a better tomorrow where we all are truly equal.
           to conclude i must say the bic mac i just ate was amazing...ok it´s a joke, i hope i have helped you to think a little different about a theme as ordniary as it is food. kisses and hugs for all ,bye.