jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Villa legend Love

The most brillant concert in the life is a villa cariño's concert. this was done in La Florida by the 18 the september, i was in first row becaus i live in La florida. i like this band becaus i love the cumbia and Villa Cariño pure plays cumbia. in this concert i cried a lot and danced a lot more. at a time of the concert i say hello to Max Vivar, he is the vocalist of the band, and he shook my hand. Villa cariño is a band of cumbia, is a young band, but very good and professional. this band has two disc and are working on the third. here one of the new songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWj_xHo-Fx8.
the theme of the songs are from love to politics, a band being aware of political events.
100% advisable. 

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

My autobiography

Hi my name is nicolas but my friends call me "nico", i was born on 26th december, 1991. since i was 19 study in Universidad de  Chile, i am a very beautiful men and i have very athletic body.
my friends are very dumber but i love equal. with them i play  in "italo nolli" soccer club. this team win all the match. Today play in the selecction of my carreer. i don`t have animals but i like them. in my huse live my mather, my father and my sister, my other brother live whit his girlfriend in cuncuvinato. my favorite soccer team is audax italiano, they is wearing a dreen shirt and play that local in "municipal de la florida" stadium. my favorite food is the italian food, my mather make a very delicious lasagna, that i eat very fast. 
i training in the gym of JGM whit luis and chiki, in this gym i fortify my body to play soccer whit more force. 
this is all of me, good bye and bless for all.