jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

Delicious Lunch

    Hi, one big hug for all, today i am going to talk about my dinner the other day. I was alone in my house and i thought make my lunch, but no ordinary lunch, i searched in the internet a chicken recipe, and found one interesting recipe of mustard chicken. But as i always improvise,  i added a  touch of soy sauce and sesame seed
The recipe showed that sauce of mustard contained olive oil, pepper, salt and vinegar. As the chicken is cooked in the oven for twenty minutes. when you finish cooking chicken for twenty minutes is added the mustard sauce  whit soy sauce and sesame seed for twenty minutes more.
i was dead of hungry and waiting for my delicious "Nicola´s Chicken". i ordered the table and wait the last five minutes. when the chicken was ready i took it with happiness and put on the plate.
But it was big surprise when i taste the chicken, this was disgusting, Finally i decided to eat in silent and go to sleep.

This is my history in the kitchen, I hope i can cook better...If anyone wants the recipe, this is: Mustard Chicken 

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  1. I think the same that Valentina jajaja

  2. Jajajajajaja your history is fun xD I hope you have a nice day!!! :)